The other day, I was checking over an email I had written at work and realized to my dismay that not only were a couple of the sentences barely structurally sound but that I had used at least three abbreviations usually reserved for preteen AIMers. And an emoticon. Seriously, wth. Anyway, back in 2004 I was coming out of a high school where I had a number of terrific English teachers, a fairly sound grasp of the English language, and a character to my writing that both myself and others seemingly (read: hopefully) found humorous and interesting. Fast forward through seven years of hastily written BS college papers and rushed or formal workplace emails and I realize that I lost one of the things I was most proud of somewhere along the way – my voice. I’m hoping the old adage “practice makes perfect” wasn’t just something that my mom told me to try to get me to play piano more often (didn’t work) and that putting in some work will help me get back at least a little of my style.

I don’t think anyone is going to read this blog except for my girlfriend and the friends I’m planning to force this on, but if you happen to stumble across it somewhere in the bowels of the internet, leave a comment! I have a lot of strong but not necessarily correct opinions and am always up for some hearty debate (although don’t get too high on yourself there either, cowboy).