Hey folks,

You may have noticed I haven’t updated over here for a while. There’s a number of boring reasons for that (work, life, etc) but there’s also a very exciting reason! Recently I was given the opportunity to become a writer/editor over at XBLAFans, a site dedicated to news and reviews of things appearing on Xbox Live Arcade. I’ve always wanted to become more involved in the game industry (hence why I started this blog), so this was a terrific chance for me. I’ll still write here about non-XBLA games and will try to continue posting guides to different things on the internet, but you will be able to find more of my writing over there. Give them a look! It’s a great site with a fabulous group of writers.

As always, I’d love to hear from anyone about anything, so hit me up at one of the links in the sidebar if you ever want to chat.

~ Nick