The great backlog caper

I’m a logical dude. Because of that, I’ve built rules into my life to determine when and how I do things. How I buy videogames is no exception. My basic philosophy is that I’ll pay $1 for every hour of gameplay I will get out of a game. Of course, this really doesn’t account for every scenario so there is a modifier depending on how much I want to play a game. The formula really works out to something like:

if x <= (how badly do I want to play it) * $1
buy it!

 Unfortunately, I’m a huge sucker for sales. Generally if a retail game that I’ve sort-of-kind-of been interested in drops below $10, I’ll pick it up. On Steam I just buy things compulsively. XBLA has almost weekly deals. Over time I’ve built up a massive collection of games I’ve never played, and it’s time to fix that.

The other night I went through my retail games and my XBLA and Steam libraries and made a huge spreadsheet of every game that I own. After narrowing it down to just the games I have a strong interest in either finishing (if incomplete) or playing, there are about 60 games. Over the next few months (ok, much, much longer), I’ll be playing through the games and writing my thoughts on them – essentially a giant string of reviews of games that slipped through the cracks for me, and in all likelihood for others as well.

Thus begins…. The Backlog Challenge!